Start here! Follow the steps to get started and make your first payment with Crezco!

Get Access

You'll need to complete our initial Onboarding steps in order to get access to our Sandbox environment. This will get you an API key and allow you to make calls against our API.

Move Money

Once you have a key, you're ready to start using the API. There are only 2 steps needed to make your first payment.

Create an Organisation

Organisations are foundational to managing your users and pay-runs. See our guide on setting up an organisation.

Complete a Pay Run

Payments are made as part of a pay run, so in order to move some money you'll need to create a pay run.

A pay run can contain one or more payables, it can also contain groups of payables. Our guide on creating and paying a pay run will take you through the steps.


You've made your first payment, now it's time to nail down the details and build your app.

Understand the API

Get up to speed on the technicals and learn more here.

Setup webhooks

Webhooks are vital for ensuring you receive timely information about payments. To get them running see the docs on webhooks.